Some would say that you can't even called this settlement a town, but the Merchant King that rules it would disagree with those people, so it is a town. It is in fact the smallest settlement in the Merchant Kingdom of Kaenate, even though it is a port town. It does have fields, which helps because this allows it export any excess food to the other towns of the Merchant Kingdom of Kaenate. It does have a more people than the town of Miline, but a lot of them work either or the farms or live in the slums of the town. The Merchant King makes sure that the Hobgoblins in the standing army keeps those groups of people in line. Visitors to the town aren't allowed to those sections of the town anyways. Trade is good as it comes from the port along with them selling the excess of the food off to the other towns of the Merchant Kingdom of Kaenate.


This port town is set a bit inland, but the reason it is considered a port town is because the Charmed Brook comes almost to the town's borders, so docks were built. This allowed for trade with the other continents of the world. This town is also right beside the The Scarlet Rain-forest, so they have an equally good trade with the Elves and Orcs that live there. The people of the town decided when building it to cover the ground all it stone to make it an even walking ground. The dead are stored below the town, in crypts. There are elves that can take travelers to the town of Deccar along with Lizardfolk that are willing to take them through the deserts, this is all so long as those travelers are willing to pay of course.

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