Hope's Reach

This is the outpost that the Kingdom of Verissa established as a trading post. The town went silent a couple of months ago. They have decided to send adventures to find out what is going on.

Ruby's Tavern

This is a small tavern established by a woman named Ruby, whom is from Hope's Reach. She is one of the few people to make it out of the town before weird things started happening. This is where the group current stays.

Vampire Boat

This is a boat on the dock that the group has found out has vampires and a Hell Hound on board. The captain seems rather friendly.

Dead Forest

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This is a forest that is full of dead trees. The group has been there to find that it is full of skeletons and half-dead wolves and other creatures. It does have two towns in it, one alive and one dead.


This is a crater above the Dead Forest. No one in the town of Hope's Reach seems to know how the crater was made. Torrin has done some research into it. It also seems to have passage through a canal of water to a temple.

Mine & Shipwreck

The group hasn't gone to either of these places yet, so nothing is known about these places yet.

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