Places in Shadowfaire

Ravenwood Estates - Most of the rich families live within this area. The Historical Ravenwood Manor, owned by the descendants of the founder, is in this area.

Near this area:

  • Shadowfaire Academy: Preparatory school, most of the children here come from well off families, although recently they have offered a scholarship program. The entrance exam is very difficult, however, so only one or two students make it into the program a year.

  • The Cosmos Mall - Exactly what it sounds like. A high end shopping center with a lot of brand name and expensive shops.

  • Asteria’s Trinkets & Treasures - Antique Shop run by Asteria Sanstrom. Odds and Ends, bits and baubles, the shop carries things that are unique and interesting… well, to her. Most people only go to her for appraisals.

  • Lucidian - Like Bed Bath and Beyond, but… smaller with handmade wares. Owned by Flora Snow who makes all of the items with her daughters, Carys and Rhiannon.

  • Tangled Roots Herbal - Metaphysical Shop, run by Elsa Velasquez.

  • Croûte à la Vanille - Or ‘The Crust’.

  • The Travelled Chef - Unique restaurant serving multiple styles of cuisine from around the world, owned by twin chefs Millicent and Barnaby O’Brien. Both have trained all over the world and returned home to take care of their parents when their health started failing.

  • Raven’s Nest Pub - A pub owned by Miles Ravenwood. 

Shadowfaire Castle - One of the oldest buildings in the area. Whether the castle was named for the town or vice versa, no one is really certain.

Pine Heights - A community of new townhomes. A mix of owners and renters in the area.

Near this area:

  • Cloak & Dagger Books - Book store, but the owner, Mason Edwards, has a fascination with spies.

  • The Quilting Diva - Sewing and quilting supplies, also sells handmade quilts. Run by Felicia Tran.

  • WineNot Boutique - Wine & Craft Beer shop, owned by Amir Sykes. He holds wine tastings every week.

  • Cafe Cafe - It’s a cafe.

  • Life’s Better With A Burger - Burgers, fries, milkshakes. Owned by Kye and Ronan Powers.

Sparrow Haven - Historical housing, refurbished old style homes. On the upper middle class side of housing.

Near this area:

  • Sunset Creek Mall - Standard mall. Local hangout. Has a movie theater.

  • Bead Queens - Bead shop run by drag queen, Gin Shott. Former Drag performer in Boston, but now retired and running the shop. Makes a lot of over the top beaded jewelry.

  • So Sweet Candy Shoppe - Handmade candy and chocolates, owned by Marcel Valentine and his husband Jakob.

  • Cafe Gato - A cat cafe, serves gateau.

  • Growls and Howls - Vet clinic.

Willow Lake/’Rogerland’ - The ‘poor’ community. Rather more lower cost housing than poor. NOTE: It’s called Rogerland by the youth of the area due to an old man named Roger with dementia that lives there. Oftentimes he likes to proclaim himself as king, and walk around dressed very nicely, welcoming all to Rogerland, knighting strangers and generally causing a quiet ruckus. At least until his home care nurse comes to collect him. 

Near this area:

  • Willow Lake High School: Public school. Your standard education, people from all walks of life.

  • Wicks and Whimsies - Homemade candles and incense, also does custom work. Shop owned and creations made by Saskia Wells.

  • Fattie’s Pizza - Owned by Fattie himself, best pizza in town.

  • Shadowfaire General - General store.

  • Beauties of the Beast - Pet Store.

Lark Ridge  - The actual poor/low-income housing. Most people are either minimum wage or live off state assistance here.

Near this area: 

  • Horizon Institute: Fancy name for a not so fancy place. A school for troubled youths, delinquents. Most of the kids here are on their last chance.

  • Shadowfaire Clinic - Low cost medical clinic, does free vaccinations and check ups twice a month.

Gull Wharf - Harbor area. Has a fish market and boat rental, not many houses.

Near this area: 

  • The Sand Bar - A bar by the beach, owned by Theo Lang and his wife Fatima.

  • The Fencing Swordfish - A seafood restaurant. Best chowder and crab cakes in town.

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