This world was created by the Prime Deities and the Condemned Deities in the beginning. A terrible war took place between these Deities and Prime Deities condemned the others to never see the mortal plane again. The Prime Deities are still very much in the world and take part in peoples everyday lives.   There are 4 continents and a group of islands in the middle. This is the Western Continent of the world of Felena. It is covered with mainly deserts with few oasis along the way. There ruins all over the desert along with what is believed to be a dangerous tropical forest on one side. It is made up of a few towns with one more lush city, which are all connected by trade. Its not a real Kingdom with a monarch, instead it is lead by a Merchant King in each of the towns.   A year is 14 months, months range from 29-31 days, weeks are 7 days. There are also 3 moons in the sky above the world of Felena.

Merchant Kingdom of Kaenate

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