Ceto is a wandering river nymph with a penchant for collecting and an addiction to drink. While gifted with abilities a normal naiad wouldn’t have access to, it made her strange among her kin. Not that she minded; as long as her abilities could help others and protect her wild homes, it was useful. After all, that’s all it took for the Oracle to rope Ceto in with talks of prophecies and Dragonlords.

Played by Skye, who is Ravenna for Shadowfaire, and Althea for Explorer's of Felena

Einswater is a Triton Paladin.

Played by Ink, who is Harlena in Shadowfaire, and Torrin in Explorer's of Felena

Misza was raised by a family of nymphs, never seeing it as an oddity. She loves nature and everything about it. She has had a couple of good friends die, but she understands that the world is a constantly changing place and does her best to not let it effect her mood. She is a Circle of Sacrifice druid as she understands the Old Ways and their place in the world. She also wishes to remove her curse as it was not her fault, but her birth mother's lust for another. She feels that she shouldn't be punished for it. She is also in search of those missing that are close to her.

Played by TL, who is Lilith for Shadowfaire, and DM for Explorer's of Felena.

A High Elf Patron of the Fates Warlock, D is quick witted and street smart with a sharp tongue and an even sharper blade. She's not afraid to say what is on her mind (even if it's not that nice) and is willing to help out those who need it(provided they return the favor). She always has a snack to share, a weird story to tell and some odd trinket she 'found'. Misfortune seems to follow her and accidents tend to happen in her presence and because of that, despite her friendly demeanor, she mostly keeps to herself(with exception to her pet mouse, Rasputin - she tells him everything).

Played by Star, who is the MC for Shadowfaire, and Lilia for Explorer's of Felena

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