Ravenna Lauretta De Rosa

Stemming down from a long line of green witches, Ravenna de Rosa is one of the more recent additions to the town of Shadowfaire. The quieter town differs wildly from her native home of the Big Apple; and while she isn't quite a stranger to Shadowfaire due to family summer visits to see the head matron nonna (aka grandmother) de Rosa, it still holds many secrets Ravenna is still learning. Maybe those secrets will just be enough to distract her from the shadows she's running from?

Played by Skye who plays Althea in Explorer's of Felena

Harlena Entropie

The spider queen of shadowfaire, Harleena Entropie managed to get a name for herself quickly due to a combination of favours, blackmail and threats that are far from empty. She sees her highschool days as more competition than the typical everyday student, with a goal of chaos in mind. Yet despite all this, she’s still recovering from what can only be described as “a messy breakup” and is now dealing with that particular fallout and a new nemesis, but hey, who ever said highschool was easy?

Played by Ink who plays Torrin in Explorer's of Felena

Jacob Kent

Having been born and raised from a pack, the new guy, Jacob Kent, managed to differentiate himself from his fellow member utilizing his wits more than his brawn at times. A happy trickster and laid back individual, he slacks around and enjoy his free time putting on the mask of an innocent puppy. However should the time comes to bare his fangs, you'll have a hound that's relentless in his pursuit and won't stop til someone's blood drips...even his own. Watch out jocks of Shadowflaire! There's a new alpha in town!

Played by Carci who plays Alduin in Explorer's of Felena

Lilith Morgensten

Having lived in Shadowfaire her whole life, she is hoping that this year of school will be different from the last. She knows that fairies are real, no matter what you say. Also if you try to hurt her or any of her friends, she will end you or maybe just get her asshole of a brother to do so. She does hope that the school year wont be boring and that just maybe she will find someone.

Played by TL who plays DM's  Explorer's of Felena

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