Lilia is a half wood elf who is a follower of Dretara. She seems to care dearly for her friends. She is a cleric.

Played by Star, who is the MC for Shadowfaire


Torrin is a White Dragonborn who made a contact with a deity that got themselves kick out of the Celestial plane. He doesn't quiet understand somethings that other humanoid races do, but he is learning. He is a warlock.

Played by Ink, who is Harlena is Shadowfaire


Alduin is a wizard of some type and seems to want to study everything. He doesn't seem to understand that emotions are still a thing for most people. He is a full high elf. 

Played by Carci who has also played Ado Em and Sanzo in the past


Althea is a rather mysterious tiefling who has just recently met the group. The group doesn't know much about her and she is where a cloak. She has told them that she is good with daggers.

Played by Skye, who plays Ravenna in Shadowfaire

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