About Us

We here at Alternate Fantasy Gaming are a group of friends that play Dungeons & Dragons. Some of our games have had to take a hatius for the time being because of life happening.

Merchant Kingdom of Kaenate, which is run by TL for a group of DnD Tiktokers is still happening on Saturdays from around 3pm - 7pm Eastern and a new campaign that is going to have the children of Disney Villains is going to be happening as well.


09/15/2020 - We will be starting a Disney Villains' Descendants Campaign with all new players.


09/08/2020 -Explorers of Felena, Shadowfaire, and Mythic Odyssey of the Dragonlords are currently taking a Hiatus due to life happening. On the plus side, Merchant Kingdom of Kaenate is still happening.

06/23/2020 - We are starting another D&D campaign, this time on Tuesdays from 3/3:30pm - 7/7:30pm EDT, Odyssey of the Dragonlords. We might also have merch sometime in the near future.

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